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What is Bedwars?

Bedwars is a team survival game. It was invented on the GommeHD Network. In Bedwars players spawn in teams of up to two players. Each Spawn-Island has its own Team-Shop where you can buy Stuff to get you equipped. The Stuff you can buy can either give you a Boost in for of PVP-Gear or you can use it to protect your bed. The goal is to destroy kill every Team. But if you don't destroy their beds they can respawn. So in order to kick a team out you have to first destroy their beds and afterwards kill all Members of the team. The last Team alive wins. You get points for every kill, destoyed bed and Game-Win.

Why is there a Bedwars Server on brosmc?

Brosmc Network is part of the much larger Hexle Network. There are many Games available on Hexle.

The reason why there is a Bedwars-Server on brosmc is because of the YouTuber Brostastic. He asked us if we can provide a small Bedwars Server where he can play with his friends.

So we made a little Bedwars Server inside of the Brosmc Space on Hexle and now you can play on it!

I want to apply for Staff

If you are intrested in becomming a member of the Team feel free to create a Ticket in our Discord Server. We will provide a service to apply on this Website in the near Future. Thanks a lot!