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BrosMC is a German/English Minecraft network focused on its own unique space game mode "PROJECT LOST IN SPACE". Hosted via the Austrian service "Hexle", the network offers 24-hour support and excellent performance. With our experienced owner and talented staff, we try to give you the best possible Minecraft experience without implementing pay-to-win mechanics like other servers. In addition to "PROJECT LOST IN SPACE" we currently offer a Bedwars server.



Ram: 64GB DDR5

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800x

Storage: 1 TB SSD + 3 TB HDD NAS

Bandwidth: up to 1Gbit up/down


It all started with a YouTube community of around 50 people. The two content creators made their minigames and survival videos on the YouTube channel Brostastic. Then it was time to open our own discord server to let our community participate in our videos. Half a year passed and we had 1000 subscribers. Then we wanted to open our own community server in Minecraft. At that time, one of the two owners of the YouTube channel found out that one of the community wanted to open a Minecraft server. He quickly asked the three owners if they would like to work together on a server. He started renting a Minecraft server and was building his own mini-game network. This should cover as many different game modes as possible. However, we quickly realized that this could not be done with the current configuration of the server. So we decided to do something different. We tested various custom game modes, but these turned out to be too inflexible. After a break of almost 2 months, we came up with the idea of ​​creating our own game mode. We had a team meeting with all the members of the team and gathered ideas about what kind of game mode we would like. The meeting lasted 3 hours. We discussed how we’d like to build the game mode and how best to go about it. Above all, it was important to us that the game mode had a certain addictive factor so that the players could enjoy the game mode for a long time. But the player interaction was also in the foreground. At this time we also had the first contact with the Hexle Developing Systems team and so it happened that we were able to hire a top development team who already had a lot of experience in this area. This is the biggest project that everyone has ever been involved in and probably always will be. I hope we can meet the expectations of the community and wish every player a fantastic time on our server.