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What makes a good story

Every good story has a hero

You are the hero! You will be implemented as the main character of your own story. Through the various quests you have the power to make decisions. Depending on which next step you decide, it will affect what happens.

Every story begins with a conflict

We make the conflict your new life. You have been attacked by aliens who just blend into your life and completely change it. This is your problem and only yours. And yes, it's not your fault, but it makes you stronger and gives you meaning in what you do. You will take revenge, believe me.

Every good story arouses emotions

We try to offer you the best possible gaming experience in Minecraft. You will never have seen anything like this because it is unique. You can fully immerse yourself in the virtual game world. Alone or with your friends. Discover the Alpha System and get rich!

Brosmc Questsystem

How it works

The Brosmc quest system guides you through the story. Here it is important to understand the difference between main and side quests. These are the two types of quests you can do on The more quests you complete, the faster your progress in the game. Since the quests usually bring you rewards or other events that advance you in the game, we measure the strength of a player based on his quest level. This level can be found by the name of the player in the tablist, above the head, or in the chat.

You get quests either by completing quests or by triggering triggers that may have been integrated into the game or are given to you by chance. Generally speaking, you don't have to do a quest at, and certainly not at a set time. You can do the quest later or not at all. But then you won't get any further either.


As the name suggests, the main quest is a quest on which the actual focus should be, as only this type of quest takes you further in your quest level.

Main Quest Properties

Trigger: by completing the priority quest

Additive: The main focus should be on this quest, as this is the only way you can advance in your level.

What does the quest level say about a player?

The quest level is an indicator by which we measure how far advanced a player is in the space game mode. That means, the higher your quest level, the more we trust you, be it stronger mobs or another planet. Furthermore, the quest level tells you which quest number you are on. So you can join players of the same level to master the quests together.

You can never have two main quests at the same time. Main-Quest can not be played twice.


As opposed to the main quest, a side quest is a quest that can be played optionally. This quest usually promises you a reward or gives you access to something that is optional and does not play a role in the story. You can only have one side quest at a time. But play this as often as you want (if you manage to trigger the quest again). Side quests do not contribute to the quest level.

Side Quest Properties

Trigger: through events triggered by the player (e.g. entering a region), randomly

Additive: The Side-Quest is optional and can be ignored with a clear conscience.

You can never have two side quests at the same time. But you can have a Side-Quest and a Main-Quest at the same time.