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Minecraft Development

About the Development Progress

The 'Space Plugin' continues to be programmed every day. All developers are in close contact with the designers and the story team. We try to make the game mode as simple as possible. We offer many features that can be reached through menus in the form of inventories. Our developers have programmed a debug function that enables us to quickly identify where bugs have occurred and where the game mode has not yet been configured correctly. The plugin code already has over 20,000 lines and will probably triple. We are happy to be able to work with Hexle Developing Systems and are always happy when new functions have been completed. We invite you to work on the process. You can apply for the alpha test phase and report bugs directly to our developers. We would like to thank everyone who had something to do with the development for the good cooperation.

If you know a little about the subject, you may wonder how we can keep such a large program running with the limited performance of the server without creating larger lags. Here’s our secret: We combine client performance with server performance with a datapack. Similar to a texture pack, it is downloaded from the server to the client. We call up datapack functions via the plugin and thus use part of the client services for simple calculations. By being able to run asynchronous threads with the plugin, this only allows us to gain a great deal of performance. Another advantage is that we not only use the partially outdated functions of the spigot libraries, but also the new Minecraft JSON libraries.

Our Development Goals


As a user, it is important that the functions are easy to use. That means, translated into Minecraft, that we explain everything using tutorials or make it available for reference on the website at any time.

You can access all important functions through commands or, even more simply, through inventories, which you operate interactively with a click like a user interface.


We have a cool idea. Now it's about the implementation. We make our game mode so unique to play and do not steal any features from other game modes. We program the entire game mode ourselves.

Completely vanilla

Everyone understands 'vanilla Minecraft' a bit different. In this case we are talking about a game mode that can be easily played with the standard installation of Minecraft. Of course, we temporarily download resources such as Texutre Pack and Datapack on the client. But this all happens in-game. This means that all you need to have installed to play is the standard vanilla installation of Minecraft Java Edition.