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About the Building Progress

Every day there is at least 4 hours of construction on the server. We build the 6 planets, the tutorial sequence, our lobby and much more. The server runs 24/7. At the moment around 20 people are responsible for the building. Some build in the morning, others at night. Everyone does this without pay and completely voluntarily. At the moment we estimate our progress at approx. 12% of the total construction costs. We would like to thank everyone who has already helped us with the construction.

Our Building Goals

Realistic style

It is important to us that the players get used to the fictional world and there it is also important to use a semi-realistic building style for a future world.

The more we plan how a new building should look, for example, the more unreal it fits into the environment. That's because builders have a hard time reconciling our ideas with theirs. That is one of the reasons why we postponed the story for the time being so as not to surprise the builder team with the demands on the built.

Futuristic textures

A specially created texture pack gives the world a unique look that doesn't feel like Vannilla. The Texure Pack lets builders create new constructions that might not previously be possible with so little effort. Still, we're trying not to completely overwrite Minecraft. This means that certain textures remain in the standard vanilla.

Unique architectural style and unmistakable vegetation

As a builder, you often seek inspiration from other builders. That is justified, but nevertheless we would like to have our own structures on the server as unique as possible, so that you can always see who created these structures. We are happy to design this project with such creative and inspiring builders and look forward to a long cooperation.